Advanced Planning Wealth Management Group

At the Advanced Planning Wealth Management Group, our mission, and passion, is to bring only the highest level of Pension Maximization and Financial Planning Strategies to all Federal Government Agency employees and retirees.

With over 50 years of combined experience, working with Federal Employees, the highly skilled Retirement Planners of the Advanced Planning Wealth Management Group, focus on educating US Government Agency Retirees on how to maximize their multiple streams of retirement income during the 3 major phases of retirement: The Go-Go years, the Slow-Go years, and the No-Go years.

When working with clients, the Advanced Planning Wealth Management Team of professionals, incorporates a comprehensive approach to retirement planning. These planning techniques are used by the Advanced Planning Wealth Management team to create an Individualized Retirement Plan, tailored to each of our valued client's unique needs and retirement income goals.

To this end, it is our sincere goal and unwavering objective to take our clients retirement personally by only making those recommendations, that we ourselves, would be willing to accept if we were in our client position; which is the Golden Rule that drives our practice.