Federal Employee Resources

Our firm representatives have been recognized as key featured speakers for USPS National & State Government Conventions including: NAPUS, NAPS, LEAGUE, & APWU, as well as other U.S Government agencies including: CIA, SBA, DOD, IRS and the Social Security Administration, to name a few.

Through education and proper planning, our dedicated team of professionals continues to provide our clients a better understanding of their CSRS & FERS Benefits and Retirement System, which include:

Early-Out, Voluntary & Deferred Retirement

Survivorship Benefits & Cost

FEGLI (Federal Employee Group Life Insurance)

Military Buy Back, Deposit/Re-Deposit

FERS Annuity Supplement

CSRS Offset

Social Security Penalties

Health Benefits Review (including Medicare Part A & B, Advantage & Supplement options)

TSP Options & Distribution Rules