Janice Licea, CRPC

Financial Advisor

Janice Licea, CRPC®

Financial Advisor

As Managing Partner and Client Services Manager with The Advanced Planning Group, Inc, Janice is a valuable member of a highly skilled team of professionals that specialize in educating U.S Government Employees & Retirees on how to maximize their multiple retirement income sources.

For over 12 years, Janice has helped our Government clients understand the fundamentals of their retirement system, including how to maximize their Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), along with their Civil Service Retirement (CSRS) and, or, Federal Employee Retirement (FERS), and has provided alternative lower cost solutions for protecting surviving spouses and dependent children.

After a successful ten year career in the Employee Benefits space, with an industry leading corporation, Janice joined the Advanced Planning Group team in 2007.  It was at APG that Janice was introduced to the broader scope of Financial Planning, and to the Civil Service and Federal Employees Retirement Systems.  She immediately embraced the APG vision and mission, and developed a sincere drive and passion, to bring mainstream Retirement Planning Strategies and services to the underserved Federal Government workplace.

Janice’s favorite part of her job is in building relationships with EAS/Management to promote employee retirement benefits literacy among all ranks of Government Civilian workers.  Jan has helped to accomplish employee literacy, along with the APG team and resource partners, through educational workshops and seminars.  Her dedication to our clients goes far beyond the security of their retirement benefits but also extends to their personal well-being and access to proper health care.  As an expert in the Medicare space, she lends her expertise and experience in reviewing our clients’ medical insurance coverage, and helping them understand how their Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) works in coordination with Medicare, as well as the exceptions for Federal Employees in exploring Medicare alternatives, for cost savings in retirement.  

Janice’s passion for our clients’ financial and family protection stems from her own personal experience in losing her father in an accidental drowning when she was just six years of age, and subsequent loss of her family home, due to lack of financial and life insurance planning.  For many years, Janice watched her widowed mother struggle as she raised five children on her own, working several jobs, day and night.  Janice has since moved her mother into her home, where she can help care for her when needed.

Janice holds the designation of Certified Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC®) and holds a Life and Health License with the States of California and Virginia.

Janice has 4 amazing children, 4 siblings, and her Mother Estela.  In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, attending her youngest sons’ STEM events, and getting together to celebrate the value of life with family and friends… And she is occasionally inspired to paint on canvas.

Her commitment and dedication to educate and bring the value of knowledge to our clients preparing for retirement, exemplifies the purpose of our mission...

"We Take Your Retirement Personal"

Medicare Licensed-Health/Life CA Ins. Lic# 0F39892